What We Do

Artemis builds and optimizes strategy + team.

We become a part of your team and train your company while implementing the right tools and strategies to bring your vision come to life. Our goal is for your company to become self-sufficient, to internalize the strategies and to execute against them.

We use lived experiences, academic research and hard data to understand all aspects of an organization's people, culture, and leadership – from the strengths of the culture, to what makes a good leader, to how managers lead their teams.

Breakthrough innovations happen at the intersections of different disciplines: diversity of thought, background, and experience. We believe you increase your probability of innovating when you activate a passionate, committed, cross-functional set of employees and experts. Our data informs programs that help an organization invest in its employees because we believe true innovation starts with delivering a meaningful employee experience.

Goal Setting and Measurement

We measure, analyze, and run “learning labs” to understand the employee experience within large organizations so that teams can make smart, data-driven investments in their people to unleash innovation.

Professional Development

We run immersive professional development, including boot camps for new managers or employees new to the workforce. We repurpose professional development and employee giving (corporate citizenship, etc.) to focus on true outcomes—not just outputs. We believe the Millennials are key to the workforce.

Intrepreneurship and Innovation

We set up metrics so organizations can focus on creativity, innovation and human sustainability. Technology supports reaching these goals but it isn’t enough. We build capabilities behind the scenes so leaders at all levels can continue the momentum. If you want to get sharper and better at something, track it and measure it. We will help you do so.

Staffing Support

We make strategic connections and find top talent, so you can focus on your real work. Sometimes you just need a strategic thinker on the ground, owning your problem and getting the work down. We can place a “job share” team in your organization to cover extended leaves, supplement the team while you wait for the right hire, etc. Because of our flexible model we can supplement an experienced consultant with someone with deep operational experience to give you a powerhouse team. We focus on Director, Sr. Director, and VP roles.

Who We Serve

Talent is a strategic asset and can be a competitive advantage. As such we keep our client names and unique situations confidential. We can share that we’ve worked across many sectors – health care, entertainment, venture capital, and more – and across all organizations sizes – from start-up to Fortune 100.

You may be a good fit if you are a:
     → Progressive leader who believes talent is a strategic asset
     → Rapidly growing company wanting to establish set up best practices
     → Investor, including venture capitalist, desiring to support portfolio companies with the right systems and habits

Who We Are

We are dreamers that believe the workplace can be different. Most of us are caring for children or aging parents. We want interesting, inspiring work in a flexible environment.

About Christy Johnson, Founder & CEO

Christy Johnson is the Founder & CEO Artemis Connection– a company committed to helping employees and organizations work better together by focusing on innovative talent solutions. Christy is an entrepreneur who brings substantial experience working in corporate strategy, including from her experience as an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company. She is a trusted advisor who works closely with senior executives to direct and implement core change initiatives, and she is passionate about partnering with her clients to find strategic insights and then translate the findings into strategic execution. Christy has a demonstrated track record of delivering near- and long-term executable strategies across a broad range of industries, with a specialization in hi-tech, health care, media, and the public sector.

Christy holds an MBA from Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and a Master’s in Education from Stanford’s School of Education. She also is an award-winning economics and mathematics educator, and in 2005, she was recognized as National Teacher of the Year by the Junior Achievement. She resides in Mukilteo, Washington with her husband, daughter, and twin boys.

Why "Artemis Connection"?

Artemis Connection was named after the Greek deity Artemis, fraternal twin sister of Apollo and the goddess of the hunt. Our founder, Christy Johnson, started Artemis shortly after welcoming her own fraternal twins. An ex-McKinsey, Stanford MBA, Christy was discovering that many experienced and highly educated parents were ramping down or leaving the workforce altogether. Most career paths in banking, consulting, and other major industries didn't allow for challenging, exciting work that gave them enough time to really live—to observe, appreciate, and recharge with family and friends.

Christy knew that these passionate and accomplished parents didn't leave the hunt because they wanted to—they left because there was nowhere for them to stay. But there was huge untapped perspective they could lend to businesses and so, with their talent behind her, Christy founded Artemis Connection.



Our Philosophy

We partner with our clients to deliver the value they need and empower them to continue using our strategies and growing productively after our partnership is up.

Our Values

With great courage, integrity, and data—we embrace our responsibility to co-create a world where our organizations, each of us, and our communities can flourish. While doing this we will celebrate the joy of meaningful work, a committed team, and a healthy work environment. We want to empower leaders and be a force for good in the world.

Help companies grow! By developing amazing strategies and making sure the people road map aligns with the product road map. We want to transform how our clients attract, engage and develop leaders at all levels while designing market leading strategies.

Our People

Our advisors include HR officers, executive coaches, academics, entrepreneurs, and neuroscientists. Specifically, our advisors are Linder Greer, a professor at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business focused on teams and start-ups; Cate Goethals, leader of the Building Better Board Project; Kurt Fischer, the Chief Human Resources Officer for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Olivia Leland, leader of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Giving Pledge; Amy Posey, a neurofacilitator; Carl Robinson, Ph.D., a business psychologist and executive coach; and Myra H. Strober, a professor at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business and School of Education.

Our team is made up of seasoned strategists and operators from top-tier firms, including McKinsey & Company, the Boston Consulting Group, Goldman Sachs, Walt Disney, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Harvard Kennedy School, and many more.

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